A Man’s Guide to Layering with a touch of Argyle

As the temperature continues to plummet, it’s essential for one to find methods of keeping warm that won’t leave them looking as though they draped themselves in a sleeping bag, in order to survive the elements whilst journeying to work. Naturally, our human instinct is to keep warm, but anyone with half an ounce of style knows that this can be achieved under a well-dressed agenda.

Layering always becomes a wardrobe staple of the fall and winter season, however this year it has been commanding the catwalks. The likes of Fendi, Ami and Michael Kors all displayed this conventional technique in their autumn/winter lines. Layering was achieved in an eloquent manner by mixing a variety of fabrics and styles to achieve a polished and presentable look for the modern man.

For those who think layering may be a challenge to get right, it’s really very simple. Longer, looser fabrics go on first followed by shorter, denser and bulkier fabrics on top. Mix and match your materials, if you’re feeling adventurous but try not to go overboard with the colour scheme. You don’t want to end up looking like you had a fight with a selection of poster paints in a charity shop.

As a starter for ten, begin with a crisp white shirt and add a chunky knit over the top. Team this with a quilted jacket and keep the trousers simple. Add a one shoulder man bag and you’re good to go.
Luke 1977 DoggyBarlow Chunky Knit CardiganReplay Lightweight Quilted Jacket


button down collar shirt









As for adding a unique charm to your layers, argyle is most certainly the way. A popular choice of pattern amongst the Scots since the 1600s, it’s about time this geometric gift of a pattern was given the opportunity to go on a geographic trip across the globe and experience a slight revamp. Designers have taken this simple yet captivating pattern and turned it into a staple wardrobe piece filled with attitude. Who knew that turning a quadrilateral on its side and maxing out its intended scale could have such an impact on a simple winter jumper? The addition of bold colours such as deep greens, stark yellows and punchy reds also adds to the strength of this design feature. Such could be seen in lines by J Crew, Bottega Veneta and Moncleur Gamme Bleu. The library look just peaked ladies and gentlemen, let the games begin. And I’m not just referring to Cluedo…

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