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Spring is certainly here- the weather is improving and the sun is shining. However, it isn’t quite summer yet so there’s still a little time left before you need to get your deck shoes or flip flops out. And for in-betweeny weather- surely, the best footwear to opt for is the ankle boot. It’s the perfect seasonal transition from keeping your feet toasty to preparing them for a breath of fresh air- starting at your ankles.

Ankle boots can be coordinated with most outfits, be it a smart or casual occasion. The important thing to bear in mind is trouser length and colour combinations. I would highly recommend that you either get a trouser that is your exact leg length or if you’re opting for cropped trousers keep them below the knee. If you’re feeling adventurous you could always opt for ankle grazers.

So, here are King’s top 4 picks, courtesy of Ted Baker:


Torsdi AM boots £120.00


Torsdi 3 Suede AM Casual Ankle Boots £120.00


Torsdi 2 Suede AM Casual Ankle Boots £120.00



Torsdi AM Ankle Boots £120.00

Here, Ted Baker can offer a material and a colour for every occassion- whether you’re off to a bar with friends or heading into work. The simple laces and single lines of visible stitching make all of these boots look effortless and the perfect asset to every outfit.

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