12 Gifts of Christmas: Seasoned Bottoms

As the 25th rolls nearer, it’s about time we thought about what you can put on your bottom half to go with you’re festive jumper and seasonal shirt. Dressing the lower half of the body is just as important as dressing the top, as the fit of those trousers needs to ooze perfection and of course, it would help if you managed to match or tastefully mismatch your outfit.

Thus, it’s only right and full of Christmas spirit for Kings & Dukes to give you some trouser options:

1) The Chinos

The Chino is the perfect multi-tasker that goes with almost anything and gives off a smart casual air that is suitable for any occasion. This is the time of year where mingling and social festivities fill the calendar on a daily basis, so having a versatile and comfortable trouser will ensure that you are in complete comfort whilst reminiscing on the year that has passed.

replay mens tan chino

Replay Mens Tan Chino £90.00

2) The Blue Jean

A wardrobe stable that will suit you down to the ground, not just for December, but all the months to follow. These mid-blue jeans would work perfectly with a variety of shirts and jumpers. A warm burgundy knit with a chocolate leather belt would be the perfect edition to give these legs a Christmas accent.

Luke 1977 Eddie Long Jeans

Luke 1977 Eddie Long Jeans £64.00 *sale*

3) The Vintage Jean

If you’re looking for something with an olde worlde charm without delving too far into a historically warped classic, you could opt for some washed out, vintage inspired jeans. All the inspiration without the age is sure to give you the comfort and chilled edge that you may well need on one of the busiest days of the year. And if you’re not in the kitchen, that’s just an added bonus and more reason to show these off whilst you play host to your array of guests.

G-star Vintage age jeans

G-star Vintage Aged Tapered Jeans £65.00 *sale*

Happy seasonal shopping!

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