12 Gifts of Christmas: Jumpers for the Festivities

There’s no denying that this is the one month of the year where it is socially acceptable to wear the most garish jumpers known to man. However, if unusual festive patterns and odd colour combinations aren’t really a style statement you want to be making this year, fear not there is a variety of knitwear out there to suit all tastes this winter.

Here are our top 3 picks:

1) The Marl Purple Jumper

A marl purple will give a warm and toasty feel to any look this Christmas: whether you’re heading out in the cold with bubble coat in tow or appreciating a glass of mulled wine, whilst donning chinos and seasonal slippers.

luke 1977 crew neck jumper

Luke 1977 Nagas Revenge Crew Neck Jumper £53 *sale*


 2) The Fisherman Jumper
If you’re looking to challenge your inner, low intensity sportsman whilst adding additional texture and style to your outfit- this is the jumper for you. A warm wardrobe addition this jumper oozes simplicity and its creamy tone would be the perfect addition to any Christmas, be it white or not.
luke 1977 fisherman jumper
3) The Classic Red Number
As it is December, there’s every reason to be working a red jumper in relation to the season’s most frequently used colours. If you’re not a festive kind of guy, this jumper may well be the way to add a rosey tone to your cheeks whilst remaining effortlessly charming with no wardrobe hiccups.
lacoste knit jumper
The perfect three stop round up of Noel knit wear that steers well away from kitsch grotto glamour… the bonus of course is that it doesn’t have to be December for you to successfully carry these sweaters off.

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