Paris Fashion Week: Round Up

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So Paris Fashion Week was certainly trending this year and full frontal exposure seems to have become a perfectly normal look for the catwalk. Here at K&D, we won’t be suggesting that you go out and expose your nether regions (it’s far too cold for that)- but, we will be giving you a run down of some of the trends that were draping the catwalk.


It appears that Gaultier’s influence may have been much stronger than we envisaged, as skirts have still not moved from the catwalk. As the line between what is menswear and what is womenswear becomes progressively finer, it is no surprise that we are beginning to see an increase in this blur on the men’s side  of the coin. Givenchy and Thom Browne were keen to get their skirts on the runway this fashion week.

The Feminine Touch

Continuing from skirts, there’s also been some more feminine additions to pieces on the runway this year. Lanvin has done this in a subtle and clever manner by adding touches of fur, chiffon and lace to the collection. Creating a soft gender blend that could mirror the androgynous look that has become very popular in womenswear.

The Red Trimmed Overcoat 

A step away from the military uniform, but still reeling the same impact, the overcoats presented on the catwalk from Lowe and Givenchy were certainly stunning. Lowe went for a softer edge, whilst Givenchy gave us a bold geometric twist- giving us more than a taste of the bi-coloured dreams that will hopefully be wandering amongst us next winter.

Resurrecting the 70s and the 80s

The 70s twist was a strong feature of Maison Margiela’s collection this year- think high waists, leather, metallic knits and bold prints. Whilst, we were able to see the 80s influence bleeding into tle Louis Vuitton collection. Think fur coats and rope prints on chocolate brown backdrops- a look that could easily be transferred to everyday wear.



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