Fashion Snippets: The Manket- yay or nay?



Who ever knew that blankets could step into controversial territory? They serve their purpose well of keeping us warm and they often make a nice throw for a sofa… however, now it seems that you should potentially be throwing one over yourself. Yes, blanket meets man- commonly referred to as the ‘manket’. Given that it is still very cold, donning a manket would most likely help you keep the heat in …but the question is: do you fancy wearing an oversized pashmina rather than you’re slim fitted coat or beloved parka?

The key to making your manket look effortless lies within being a little bit artistic. Arrange the fabric over your shoulders and then casually throw one side onto your opposite shoulder- the casual element is very important. This will give your manket a cowl neck-esque look and will ooze visual appeal. And hey, if you opt for the manket at least you won’t be needing a scarf. A moment of praise for Louis Vuitton.

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